Camera Obscura: Outside In(n)

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Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura: Outside In(n) questions our perceptions of space we call our own. In this case, hotel rooms, apartments and other dwellings were converted into Camera Obscuras, literally translated as “dark, vaulted chambers.” Each room became pinhole camera of it’s own, leaking an inverted image onto the walls and furniture from a small hole on the window. This series of photographs captures the loneliness of an inhabited space, while being flooded with the accoutrements of the outside world. The city projections on the walls are overwhelming, dreamy, and powerful, to the point of seeming almost unbearable. Camera Obscura is an interpretation of our visual perception, and how we assimilate information from our urban cityscape. In some ways, these images are meant to play with the mind’s eye and understanding of our optical reality. The city projections combine the seclusion of a personal room with the rawness of the outside world, which is frequently perceived as separate part of our lives.